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Being arrested and charged can make your whole life narrow down to your charge. You may feel stressed and overwhelmed, and go through some of the darkest times in your life. You may also feel intimidated by the criminal justice system, which often treats you like you're guilty from the very beginning.

At Martin Kerbel Q.C. & Associates, we treat you with care and respect. We understand how stressful this process is, and do our best to get you through it as easily as possible.

Experience And Dedication

As a criminal defence practitioner for 50 years, lawyer Martin Kerbel has had extensive trial and appeal experience in the courts. He will skillfully handle any criminal matter, including:

  • "Minor" charges: In fact, there is almost no such thing as a minor charge. Even for traffic offences, provincial offences and criminal charges that won't result in prison time, your life will be disrupted. At our firm, we take your case seriously, and will let you know the possible implications of even "minor" charges. These may include a criminal record, higher insurance rates and lost driving privileges.
  • Major charges: For murder, sexual assault, robbery or any charges that may land you in prison for a long time, it is vital to get a lawyer who has handled these cases before. These cases can become long and complicated, and can be devastating to your entire family and future if not handled skillfully.
  • Bail: After you are arrested, we can work with you to get you released before your trial on reasonable conditions. Being released on bail can also mean the difference between an acquital and a conviction. Statistics show that those who are on bail pending their trials are more successful than those who are in custody.
  • Extradition: If you have been accused of committing a crime outside of Canada, that country will try to take you from Canada to try your case. We strive to prevent this if at all possible.
  • Appeals: An appeal is not an automatic second kick at the can if you don't like what happened at your trial. At our firm, we will closely examine your trial record to see if anything went wrong, and if there are grounds for appeal. We will also be honest about your chances so that you can decide whether an appeal is worth it.

With our reasonable fees, decades of experience and compassionate, approachable manner, our firm can help you get through this difficult time.

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